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Jude Musharbash, Jordan
Jude Musharbash, Jordan

I spent the most unique period of time here at the University of applied sciences, whether life experience, education wise or even classes.

I had the perfect living conditions any international student would need, as it was much easier to have these programs for international students sharing the same experience from all around the world. Which gave me the feeling that I’m not alone here, yet I’m surrounded by a great group of students and assistances.

Regarding the studying condition, it was as great as I imagined. The lectures met the highest quality of education and organization. The professors always offered to help with any topic within our studies or even personal life! Nevertheless, we had all the support to keep us moving in the right direction, and all the thanks goes to the International Office!

Ankit Aggarwal, India
Ankit Aggarwal, India

Studying at FHWS was a mix of fun and learning. Case studies, lectures, presentations, business games, industrial visits etc. all justifies my statement. Moreover the experience and knowledge of professors in their respective field of study makes it even more productive for students to understand subjects to its core thereby getting mastery of it.

During one of our industrial visits I came in contact with the CEO of a German company and expressed desire to do my master thesis in the company. After six months of hard work in my master thesis I got a job offer of Business Development Manager in that German company. Therefore I believe if one works hard at the FHWS and keep their eyes open for the opportunities via networking events like industrial visits etc. then things will automatically fall in place and dreams can be accomplished.