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Bachelor of Business and Engineering

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Bild: Fotolia/Tyler Olson

A degree in business engineering presents a wide palette of career opportunities for entering the job market. The combination of technical and non-technical study modules serves as the basis for both conventional and new fields: sales & marketing, logistics, materials management & purchasing, production & manufacturing, controlling, accounting, organization, and data processing.

You will thereby be trained for a variety of professional areas, e.g., manufacturing companies, engineering offices, banks, insurance, consulting firms, commercial enterprises and public service. Our graduates have had excellent opportunities for starting their careers, and will continue to have good prospects in the future. Employment prospects are especially good when professional qualifications are combined with enthusiasm, dedication, soft skills and the willingness to take decisions. The study of business engineering is also a very good basis for founding one’s own company.


The Bachelor’s degree programme Business and Engineering is modularised, i.e. it consists of different module courses. 

Modules combine subjects in thematically and chronologically complete, self-contained study units assigned with a number of credit points. They can be made up of different teaching and learning formats (such as lectures, exercise courses, lab courses, etc.). In general, modules are completed by an examination that is the basis for the award of credit points. 

Credit Points awarded according the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) are a measure for the students’ workload; they facilitate the national and international recognition and transfer of study achievements, for example for transfer students to/from another higher education institution. One credit point equals about 30 hours of work. Sixty credit points are scheduled to be achieved per year of study. To acquire the academic title Bachelor of Engineering in Business and Engineering by completing the degree programme successfully, 210 credit points have to be achieved. When credit points are awarded for graded academic achievements, they also provide a measure for the achievement’s share in the degree certificate’s total grade. 

The degree programme’s modules are relatively small study units to facilitate national and international recognition. 

The module handbook contains detailed information on those modules that are important for our students.


Leaflet Bachelor Business and Engineering

Here you find compact information about our Bachelor's programme in Business and Engineering.